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Auto Sale & Repair

Repair estimates, misrepresentation, replacement components, fake parts, and bait-and-switch are some of the common scams and fraud associated with auto sales and repairs.

Buying & Selling

Typical scams and fraud related to buying and selling include misrepresenting the products being offered, making false or fraudulent payments, delivering items, leaving an online space for selling and purchasing, and more.

Credit, Debt & Loans

Cards and information obtained without your knowledge or agreement are common forms of scams and fraud related to credit, debt, loans which can also happen in person, online at ATM's, and through telephone transactions.

Health Related

Treatments for weight loss, unproven remedies, medications, and pharmacy calls are examples of common health-related scams and fraud.


Impersonation scams and fraud are frequently conducted by calls, texts, emails, and other communications that appear to be from reputable companies.

Money Making Opportunities

Scams and fraud that frequently involve money-making opportunities include trading and investing schemes that guarantee high returns.

Phone Calls & Messages

Common fraud & scams associated phone calls and messages include people trying to sell or obtain personal information by means of using phishing, telemarketing, impersonating related and other tactics.

Phone, Internet & TV Services

People who pretend to be representatives from reputable businesses and promise cheaper packages are common scams and fraud related to phone, internet, and television services.

Prizes, Money & Lotteries

People contacting and claiming you have won something and needing personal information to claim it are common forms of scams and fraud involving prizes, money, and lotteries.

Threats & Extortions

Scams and fraud where a person impersonates a representative of an organization and demands payment. If you refuse to pay them immediately, they might threaten you with physical harm, deportation, or even arrest.


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