Concerned About A Request For Personal Or Financial Information?

Before falling victim to a potential scam or fraud transaction, have Scam Verifiers investigate on your behalf. We offer a variety of services to determine whether a transaction is legal or fraudulent.

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Scam & Fraud Services

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Email Verification

Uncertain about the legitimacy of an email recently received? Scam Verifiers offers email verification services with reports.

Website Verification

Let Scam Verifiers investigate suspicious websites on your behalf before making any payments or providing personal information.

SMS/Text Verification

Recently received an unusual SMS/Text message requesting information? Let Scam Verifiers review the message before making any payment or providing personal information.

Phone Call Verification

Received a recent phone call which requires immediate attention? Scam Verifiers can investigate the legitimacy of the phone call or message.

Mail Verification

Do you have mail addressed to you about being a winner or claiming a prize? We can contact the company and provide further insights into the prize.

In Person Verification

Has someone recently made a request in person for money or personal information? Let Scam Verifiers review the request before moving forward with it.

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